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Farm Saeturn



Farm Saeturn got her start in urban farming a little differently than most people. Born in the mountains of Laos, to the ancient Mien tribe, she and her family were subsistence farmers and they grew everything they ate.  She came to United States as a refugee and brought her traditional skills with her. I told her story in Backyard Roots and was able to photograph her in three seasons for the book: summer, fall and winter. So when I was in Seattle on my last visit I had to see what she was up to in the spring. Farm has always had vegetable plots with the P-Patch program, a Seattle program that has 82 community gardens around Seattle. Farm still had a P Patch plot, but it was a new one, closer to her home in South Seattle. When I visited she was working with her husband, weeding, and getting the ground ready for planting.