Urban Adamah


Urban Adamah is and educational farm and community center located in the heart of Berkeley. “Adamah” means “earth” in Hebrew. The idea to combine leadership training, organic farming, and progressive Jewish living was launched a decade ago by Adam Berman in Connecticut. Five years ago he brought the program to Berkeley. It’s now an independent nonprofit that offers fellowships, programs and camps, workshops and public programs.

I happened to stop by the one acre permaculture farm a month ago after driving by it for years. By chance it was their harvest and free farm stand day. Farm manager Willow Rosenthal (above) helped volunteers gather vegetables and greens. Everything was washed, weighed and logged. At 11am the stand opened. 90% of the produce grown at the farm is shared with neighbors who otherwise don’t have access to fresh produce. Carrots, garlic, greens, and radishes were harvested while I was there along with donations from local businesses like bread, milk, and eggs. Since opening, the farm has shared over 25,000 lbs of produce. There are over 100 raised beds, two greenhouses, a chicken coop, goats, bees, aquaponics and more. Stop by the farm at 1050 Parker Street but see it soon. They’ve recently purchased a permanent home 2.2 acre home in Northwest Berkeley and they’ll be moving in December. Check their website: http://urbanadamah.org There are all kinds of workshops and programs from learning aquaponics to making heritage corn into tortillas.







Kat Morgan, office and special programs manager at Urban Adamah runs the Free Farm Stand on Wednesdays.



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