Way back in 2010, I began photographing urban farmers. The economy was bad and I needed a project. As a food photographer I’ve always had plenty of interest in food and was already obsessively reading about it. When I heard about people raising chickens, ducks, rabbits and goats as well as vegetables in their backyards I had to meet them.

This project that began with curiosity became something more when I began learning from the farmers. Their ideas kept me going. It’s fun to see what people do in their backyards and you can learn a lot from them. As I turned my project into a book, I photographed over 75 backyard farms and I’m still visiting more. The blog is a way to share what I’ve found. It still inspires me and I’m hoping other people will be inspired too. Growing edibles is a creative and fulfilling way to lessen our carbon imprint and connect with nature. Not to mention the tasty food.


20121008_0012Lori Eanes is a San Francisco based food and people photographer. Her work has appeared in cookbooks such as One Bite at a Time (Celestial Arts) and Hot Chocolate (Ten Speed Press), and in publications such as Sierra, the Wall Street JournalOakland Magazine and San Francisco Magazine. She grows her own vegetables in San Francisco.

Find more work on her website: www.lorieanes.com

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