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Renegade Craft Fair


The Renegade Craft Fair came to SF July 19th and 20th and I went to check out local crafts. (I know, I know, it’s not an urban farm, but the HANDMADE crafts made by talented mostly LOCAL artists, many using SUSTAINABLE material and the stuff was AWESOME.) And some was even farm inspired… Check out the edited version of some of the really great stuff I saw below. If you missed the fair and are interested in buying just contact the artists via their websites…

(Above, L-R) Beautiful, texture-y yarn Necklaces by SF artist Rachel Robertson

I wanted to buy all of the bright, bold hand-printed vegetable screen prints by SF artist Jen Kindell

Art Toys by Boston based Mimi Kirchner Her animals and tattooed men reminded me of Wes Anderson characters.


(Above) I had to buy a t shirt from local artist Ritsuko Hirai How could I resist the cat driving a station wagon?


(Above, L-R)  I still want a necklace from Santa Monica artist Justin Marsh. He makes jewelry from keys.

Mountain pillows from Olympia WA

Practical, beautiful and interesting cherry wood utensils from Jonathan Simons

20140720_0136-2(Above) San Francisco artist Alyson Thomas makes food and drink inspired art.

20140720_0102(Above) And who are these guys?? I think the artist is the one holding the dog, but I can’t find his card… If anyone knows let me know! His work is great!