Ingela Wanerstrand



You can tell Ingela is a designer. Everything in her small Seattle yard does double duty, saving her time, providing food, keeping it simple. Cleaning the chicken coop is easy when the compost bin is right out the window. The coop also has a green roof that doubles as insulation, with multiple easy-access doors for storage and collecting eggs. Along with her chickens, she also keeps several mini goats that provides her with milk and cheese.

She makes use of every inch of her space pruning dwarf fruit trees into edible fences. It’s no surprise that Ingela teaches pruning with her business Green Darner Garden Design. “To sum it up,” she says, “my biggest passion is beautiful, productive urban food production”

Ingela was born in Sweden and raised “by a bunch of Swedes in Seattle” and she must of learned a thing or two from them. Her favorite farm tools included plenty of goat proof hardware, a battery powered Coleman lantern and a very cool “precision garden dump cart” that can handle up to 600 lb. It was all well-designed, simple and useful. Who wouldn’t want it for their own backyard?




some examples of Ingela’s favorite goat-proof hardware and the indispensable coleman rechargeable lantern






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